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Our comprehensive range of services includes: Packing and Unpacking, Furniture Disassembly & Assembly, Secure Transportation, Storage Solutions, Specialty Moving Services.


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Packing & Unpacking

Our skilled movers are trained in proper packing techniques to ensure the safe transport of belongings. We offer professional packing services, using high-quality packing materials and supplies. Our team will carefully pack and label items, ensuring they are well-protected during the move. We also provide unpacking services at the destination, helping our customers settle into their new space quickly and effortlessly.

Furniture Disassembly & Assembly

Large and bulky furniture pieces often require disassembly and reassembly during a move. Our team is experienced in handling furniture disassembly and assembly, ensuring that items are carefully taken apart and reassembled at the new location. This service saves our customers time and effort while ensuring the safe transportation of their furniture.

Secure Transportation

We have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles equipped to transport belongings securely. Our drivers are experienced in handling various types of items, ensuring they are properly loaded, secured, and transported to the destination safely and on time. We employ advanced tracking systems to monitor the progress of the move, providing our customers with peace of mind throughout the process.

Storage Solutions

We understand that sometimes there is a need for temporary storage during a move. We offer flexible storage solutions to accommodate our customers’ requirements. Our secure storage facilities are climate-controlled and provide a safe environment for storing furniture, appliances, and other belongings until they are ready to be delivered to the new location.

Specialty Moving Services

Certain items require specialized care and attention during a move. We offer specialty moving services for delicate and valuable items such as antiques, artwork, pianos, and fragile electronics. Our team has the expertise and specialized equipment to handle these items with the utmost care, ensuring their safe transport and delivery.

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Carolina Moving and Storage Frequently Asked Questions Packing

What packing services do you offer?

We offer a range of packing services, from full-service packing, where we handle everything, to partial packing, where we only pack specific items you designate.

Can I get packing materials from Carolina Moving and Storage?

Absolutely! We provide a variety of packing materials, including boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape, available for purchase.

How should I pack fragile items?

We recommend wrapping each fragile item in bubble wrap or packing paper, placing them in a box with cushioning material, and marking the box as “FRAGILE.”

Do you offer unpacking services at the destination?

Yes, we offer unpacking services as an additional option. Our team can help you settle into your new place by unpacking your belongings as per your instructions.